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Office & Industrial

We’ll relocate your business on-time and hassle-free.

Since 1888, Hoy Transfer has been meeting the commercial moving needs of Pennsylvania and beyond.

When it comes to relocating a business, we have experience in moving all types of companies; office, industrial, laboratories and retail. From one or two cubicles to 78,000 square feet manufacturing plants, no company is too big or too small.

Your company cannot afford to have business interrupted by an inefficient mover. With Hoy Transfer on the job, your move will be completed in the most cost-effective and time-conscious manner possible.

Maybe you’re adding a new location, have outgrown your current facility or need temporary storage space while you remodel. Hoy Transfer has you covered. Next time you’re in need of a full-service mover, give us a call to ensure your company move is handled by experienced professionals.